Hello world!

My first post! How exciting! As my first post I have decided to make it a bit of an introduction & welcome. As I was writing my About page I felt that would be a great way to start. So here is a brief explanation of me, this blog and my hopes and what to expect from My Say – Your Say.

My name is Jodi and I am an aspiring writer, creator and dreamer – I am a Pisces so that should explain it! Apart from this I am a lover, a wife, a mother and a business owner. I love music and all that it encapsulates, provokes and inspires within. I love theatre, concerts, ballet, dance, drama, film, fashion and the entertainment industry. I enjoy keeping fit and healthy, cycling, netball and swimming. I am a thinker, sometimes I wish my brain would slow, if only for a moment, just for my thoughts to catch up. I love family, architecture, history, and celebrations. I love to travel and have traveled many places including Eastern, Western & Central Europe, UK & Ireland, USA and Fiji, with many more places on my destination list. I am lucky enough to live in the best country in the world Australia, with my gorgeous husband and four beautiful daughters.

What is My Say – Your Say
I began My Say – Your Say as a way to write, express and share. We all have opinions, ideas and dreams – so why not share them! My Say – Your Say is a way that I can share MY thoughts on a vast variety of issues, topics, current affairs and then communicate and share with you , YOUR comments and opinions.

What My Say – Your Say is NOT
This in no way is a negative blog. Meaning I don’t want any racist, insulting, foul language, down putting or hurtful comments. If you have something to say and/or you disagree that is great! But please do so in a mature and useful way. There is enough negativity in this world and particularly in blogs and on the internet already without this blog descending into that hole.

What to expect
My hopes and expectations for this blog is to share and express information and thoughts. You will come across a wide variety of posts commenting on things such as music and the entertainment industry, pop culture, current affairs, thoughts & feelings, life in general, experiences, hopes & dreams, and so much more. Some will be light hearted and a bit of fun, others will be more serious. It will be an eclectic mixture such as the journey of life itself. Most of all this blog will be directed by YOU, after all it is not just My Say but Yours too! The only way that this blog will be successful is through connection, communication and interaction by YOU. Not only are you readers, but you are encouraged, urged and I hope inspired to feel free to add your comments to my posts. Let’s have fun and enjoy the ride!